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Vito G. Gallo has more than 33 years of professional work experience in state government and government relations combined.  Vito’s experience, network and skills that he offers to fulfill any crucial role are vast.  Simplistically, Vito brings various expertise to policy actions, legislative knowledge, legal understanding and fiscally sound principles combined with a record of accomplishment.  It is, however, his energetic spirit, knowledge of government affairs and background that qualify him as an expert government affairs advisor.

Before establishing his own firm in 2019, Vito served in a leadership role with Lehigh University as Assistant Vice President for State Government Relations for over sixteen years, and contributed regularly to the economic policy and growth of the Lehigh Valley through various affiliations, committees and roles.  Among these accomplishments Vito has developed a keen sense for legislative action, fiscal responsibility, community relations, governance, and leadership that would bring value to any client. 

Statewide and Regional Experience:

In addition, Vito has recently served on numerous regional and statewide boards and committees such as the Workforce Development Board of the Lehigh Valley, the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC), the Pennsylvania Economic Development Association (PEDA), the Small Business Development Center Advisory Board, and the Fe Foundation at the Executive level for legislative and governmental affairs. This experience provides Vito with necessary regional, interpersonal and relationship skills to build channels of information between stakeholder groups, necessary for success.

Vito has also worked on the local and regional level with mayors and county executives as well as city and county economic development directors to develop and implement organizational strategic plans and accreditation processes, statewide priority economic development projects, and comprehensive economic and workforce development strategies.  These efforts have led to the development of existing and new entrepreneurial grant programs with numerous state agencies. 

As Principal of his own firm, Vito supports increasing efforts to encourage public and private organizations committed to community, downtown revitalization and historic preservation as a means to strengthening urban cores, and a key to executing strategic plans and vision.  He has developed a keen sense for public/private partnerships, fiscal responsibility, community and public relations, governance and leadership that would bring value to any business organization - public, private, for-profit or non-profit.

Vito is currently serving on his hometown Whitehall Township Industrial and Commercial Development Authority and assisting in redevelopment efforts with prospects considering Whitehall and the Lehigh Valley for location, job creation and retention. 

Higher Education Partnerships:

Vito’s previous work with Lehigh University, an economic engine in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, has been beneficial in obtaining millions in research funding mostly developed by partnerships between the University's research centers, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and public and private industry partners that have greatly benefited the regional economy.

Additionally, among Vito’s record of accomplishments, he has led regional initiatives which enable him to excel in economic development, workforce development and higher education partnerships, a rare combination.  He has been part of and contributed to the strong partnerships that exist in the Lehigh Valley, one of the fastest growing regions of the Commonwealth.  Leadership and policy making roles with organizations such as the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Pennsylvania (AICUP) and the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, and numerous private sector entities qualify him as an expert in policy and legislative matters particularly in economic and workforce development and higher education initiatives serving multiple counties in Pennsylvania.

Value to Clients:

Vito’s professional work experiences have been extremely important to allow him to interact with a wide range of people, including high-ranking government officials and staff, as well as public, private, for-profit and non-profit external business contacts in the communities of the Lehigh Valley and statewide. He brings this same value to potential clients.


Vito’s contributions to the Commonwealth, the Lehigh Valley and his community have fully focused him to offer senior-level experience, energy, knowledge and skill to any role that requires a progressive approach to achieving strategic goals in assisting businesses to thrive in Pennsylvania. In addition, he brings an extraordinary value in providing a fresh and clear prospective for achieving your next level of growth that you want to be known for universally.

Special Achievements: 

While serving at the highest levels of state government under two Pennsylvania Governors, Vito earned numerous awards and acknowledgments for his efforts.  In particular, Vito was awarded the prestigious Patrick Henry Award by the National Guard Association of the United States for distinguished efforts in government and legislative actions following September 11, 2001.  He has also been awarded the Distinguished Civilian Representative of the Pennsylvania National Guard for multiple military training exercises, and for working to establish the first Pennsylvania Veterans Memorial at Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, PA under Governor Tom Ridge. In Harrisburg, Vito led the Governor's policy efforts along with the Department of General Services to pass Pennsylvania's original Downtown Location Law, encourage state agencies to locate in downtown areas, and establish the first Emergency Responder Plaza in Harrisburg.


Vito is active in his community of Whitehall where he lives with his spouse of twenty-five years and three children. He previously coached youth sports and was a member of the Whitehall High School Parent Booster Club. He is currently active in the Kania School of Management Career Coaches Program at the University of Scranton, where he graduated from in 1990.


Vito G. Gallo, Principal

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